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April Newsletter 2017

EASTERDear Families,

April has arrived. The Secret Garden has a few changes coming our way. We have a new menu format. Instead of once a week a week menu, we will do a month menu. We are also making changes to how we present our foods. New ideas, new options and fresher less processed ideas. We will have a rate increase in May. The wonderful rain has woken up some issues in the building that can’t be ignored. We will rotate a few of our preschool teachers into the toddler/infant room so that those children make an easier transition when they turn 2. You may want to ask them what you can expect in the preschool or come on up and have a walk around up there. The more you know the better the transition.

April is the month of growth. Gardening will be our mission this month. We have moved the garden boxes to the front of our school. We get down and dirty the first few weeks. We would love to have a family garden area. You can participate by donating a veggie or two. We’ll label them. The children can follow the growing cycle and feel proud to be caring gardeners. Hopefully with a little luck a little more rain and a lot more sun they can bring home a veggie to share. That would bring it full circle for them.

We also do a month long unit on birds and baby animals. If you have a pet that you might like to share this is a good time to schedule a visit. No baby chicks this year as finding them homes is not as easy as I thought it might be.

If you have a child heading to Kindergarten in the fall can you please let us know when you last month will be. We are planning for our celebration and also making room for incoming toddlers. Please update your plans with Lauren. You can also email me through our website. Our plan is to have one big celebration will all Kinders saying farewell together. Looking at the end of May first of June.

The last few weeks we’ve had children gone on vacation or home with an illness. It’s very important that you give us a call or an email. We plan our day around each child and worry when they don’t come in. We also have other families who need drop in care once in a while and its nice to be able to provide space if it opens up.

May will see an increase in our tuition. You will see the attached menu, increase amount and we will have a new administrations agreement to you by the end of April. We need those signed and returned before May 1. If you are making other arrangements we will need a 30 notice please


Happy Spring       Love, Our Secret Garden Too Staff



April 3-14th                Easter Preparations

April 4-28th               Gardening. Getting down and dirty.

April 17th -21st           Baby Animals

April 24th – 28th

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