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August Newsletter 2017

thDear Families,

It’s August!! Why does this time of year just fly by? Children grow up so fast.

The cool foggy mornings and sunny afternoons set the pace for each day at school. Water play, bubbles, circle time outside on the deck and fun times pretending that we’re camping or going on a bear hunt, that’s what summer is all about. We will try to drag it out a bit longer. But, it’s not an easy task with the last of the older children talking about Kindergarten and school supplies and lunch boxes. Our friends will be heading out over the next few weeks. We will send them off with a hug and lots of great memories. We hope they will come back to visit.

During the first week in August we return to the theme of World mindedness and weave in the universal desire for Peace. Peace Day is August 6th. Peace Day is celebrated in many places around the world. People will gather and wish for and work toward “a world without war”. We will talk to the children in terms the will understand. We will ask “what is peace” to them? It’s always wonderful to hear their answers! We delight in this project.

We will take some time for “Make Believe” and “Fairytales” the middle of the month. Wonderful stories to be read. Dress up, fantasy and adventure are out goal. Circus, Pirates, Queens and Kings, we have no idea what the climbing structure might become. Face painting is a big hit. Please let us know if you want any limits to how much face painting your child should have. We are happy to just do it once or twice….the children would have us do it every day if they could.

We complete the month with things that go. Children are fascinated by the power and movement of trucks, cars, buses, planes and trains. We will do a unit on trains. The history of American westward expansion and the history of the railroad and its life line to our nation. Our trains are always being used. They have a timeless appeal, train books and songs have a great rhythm and we use them to pull the groups together. We will include other modes of transportation as well. It is all fascinating to kids!

We had some staffing changes the past month. We welcome Vicky to our infant room in teacher Nancy’s spot. The babies are so in love with Vicky. It’s fun to watch her talk and sing with those little people. We have Laura joining the toddler room August 14th as Norian heads back to Cabrillo to be a ECE Mentor Teacher. Ryan begins classes at USMB and will only be at school a few days a week. (we are thrilled he wants to hang in there with us)

You may have noticed our little flower cart up on the deck as you come and go. Stacey and I have started a floral business. We’ve been doing this for a few years for friends and family and we want to offer the same to you. We can provide flowers for any occasion. Just let us know.

Please remember to let us know if you will have any changes to schedule. We know lots of families travel in August and it’s helpful for staffing and other children’s schedules if we can plan a head a little bit. Please update our files of any changes you may have. If your child has had immunizations. We need to turn in our report to the County. We would like to add them to your child’s file.

Please know that we are here to enrich the lives of your children and your family. Communication is so important. Let us hear from you each day. You can email us too.

Thank you…. The Secret Garden Staff

Calendar of Events

August 2017

August 1th -4th       World Mindedness

August 7th-18th      Fantasy & Fairytale

August 21st –31st    Things that make us move!!

Trains, planes off we go

Just a reminder…We are closed September 4th for Labor Day

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