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July Newsletter 2017

July NewsletterDear Families,

“Summer is here and we are ready to ease into the relaxed flow and pace of July. June ended with 4th of July celebrations and projects. We bring back the old traditional poems that have long been forgotten over the years. You may here a child’s version of “Jimmy Crack Corn” or “Love Somebody Yes I Do”.

We ‘ve said good bye to a few preschoolers who are heading off to Kindergarten. Watching these perfect little humans grow is such a gift. Thank you for trusting us to do the best we can to help them feel safe and loved while you’re not able to be with them.

We talk about Wild Things the first week and summer nights, the moon and stars, camping and other adventures you can have in the beautiful weather. Mid-summer will bring us a week of loving bears. Children are invited to bring their favorite bear from home to cuddle during their time at school.

Parents that are struggling with potty training…. please hang in there. If your child is still under the age of 18 months start now! It’s a natural age for them to start. Much more difficult after 2. It’s hard to fit it in with your busy schedules but if you spend one full weekend to it I promise it will be much more successful in the long run. Put a timer on your cell phone to go off every 30 mins. Take them, sit with them, use stickers, read to them….keep at it! Naked works too!

We’ve had to say so long to Teacher Nancy who has been part of your family/team for 7 years. Nancy has cuddled many babies and most of yours. Please stop by Friday and tell her Thank You!  We will miss you so much.

We welcome Vicky into our fold. The babies already love her. She lives here in Santa Cruz and is a busy mom of 2 boys. 11 & 15 years old! Hold on to your hat Vicky, you’re in for a crazy ride the next several years with those teens!

With warm weather and summer projects, please be sure to pack extra clothes and check your child’s cubby often. We have 2 new water tables and boy are the children loving it!

Reminder:  If you have a change of address or phone contacts please update out files. Those phone numbers are critical for us should we need to contact you and any point during the day.  Update your information for your emergency contacts as well.


Have a great summer and be safe.

Love,  Cathy

Calendar of Events

July 3rd & 4th       We are closed

July 5th -12th         Where the Wild Things Are

July 13th-19th       Bears and summer nights

July 20th -31st       Our Ocean and all its glory

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