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May Newsletter 2017


We welcome the sunshine. Children seem eager to be here at school and ready to play. We’ve been doing some growing, some planting and a lot of reading about Spring. Our growing kids need outside time more than most years. We had a wet winter!!

“Merry Month of May”! Children are invited to bring a handful of flowers to share on Monday, Tuesday and Wed. this week. We are busy making May Baskets. Children love choosing the flowers that were brought by others and they love see others with the ones they brought. We hope that children hang it on a door knob anywhere in the house. The story is that you hang it on the neighbor’s door….knock, and then run away. It brings so much fun and joy. We are also busy this week with Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day projects. Please check all areas around the sign in/out area for art projects that need to get home.

Not too many changes for our May. Some children will be moving from group to group and room to room. We say good bye to our older children. We find it hard to say good-bye to these members of our Secret Garden Too family but we know that they are so ready for the next stage of education and life. We have loved and played and learned together. “We can’t always be together but we will be friends forever”. From Amos & Boris. We will plan our graduation celebration for a day in July. I will keep you posted.

Please update us of any changes or vacations you’ll be taking this summer. We are so full that we have toddlers that are two waiting for a spots in the preschool. If you’re going to be gone we can transition them up a little bit at a time.

As we enter the warm weather please be sure to send a change or two of clothes for your child. We explore water and mud and wet sand and it’s nice to have fresh clothing to head home in. This also helps with with those potty trainers!

Please send sunscreen and be sure to sign the consent form that is required by the state for us to apply it to you child.

Please remember that we need 30 day noticed for any schedule change. Please let us know when you Kindergarteners last day will be if you have not already done so.

Please post the following schedule. It help keep you connected to what your child might be learning at school. It helps to have a bit of info when you ask them how their day was or “what did you do today” .

Please visit our website and sign up for updates to you email. Receive the monthly menu ad updates that might pop up. You can email us as well and we can chat or answer any questions that you might have.

Happy May!….Love Cathy and the “Team”


2017 May Calendar

May 1 -3            May Baskets

May 4 -5           Cinco de Mayo Mother’s Day projects

May 15-19        Garden prep for summer crops, planting and worming.

May 22-26       Beachy stuff…sea life and the ocean at our door step. What do we do at the beach? What do we see at the beach? How does the beach feel under our feet? Smells…etc.

May 25-26       Hero’s

May 29th.         Closed for Memorial Day. Enjoy your family!

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