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Health & Safety

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We share in your concerns for the health and safety of your child. Our staff aim to provide the same level of quality support you would want at home. Please take precaution at home and make the appropriate health decisions for your child to safeguard as much as possible the well-being of all the children at The Secret Garden Infant & Toddler Center and Preschool. From time to time we post Health Alerts in the Parents Sign-In area at the school. We will also email these alerts to parents who subscribe to our free eNewsletter option. Subscribers to our free e-news updates will receive either a As Posted, Once Daily, or Once Weekly email of the latest updates on our website.  You can also cancel anytime.

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Sickness Policy

The goal of the Sickness Policy is to prevent the spread of communicable diseases at school. While we cannot prevent all illness, we can reduce the incidence and severity. This Policy applies equally to staff and children.

Parents are asked to observe their children each morning for signs of illness and call us with any questions or concerns.

The Staff understands that you need to be at work. We do our best to make that possible. When you child is ill please come as quickly as possible or make arrangements for your child to be pick up by someone else. Thank you.