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Sickness Policy

Sick bear


The goal of the Sickness Policy is to prevent the spread of communicable diseases at school. While we cannot prevent all illness, we can reduce the incidence and severity. This Policy applies equally to staff and children.

Parents are asked to observe their children each morning for signs of illness and call us with any questions or concerns.

The Staff understands that you need to be at work. We do our best to make that possible. When you child is ill please come as quickly as possible or make arrangements for your child to be pick up by someone else. Thank you.

Our Sickness Policy is as followed:


If your child displays any of  the following symptoms, we ask that he/she remain at home.


FEVER: Has a fever of 99* or  above. Has had fever within 24 hours.

COLDS: Has a runny nose (green, yellow or white discharge) and this condition is less than 2 days old. Shows signs of  oncoming cold. Glassy eyes, listlessness etc.

COUGH: Has a wet cough, which could spread viral or bacterial infection.

EYES: Discharge from eyes, usually accompanied by redness and itching.

THROAT: Evidence or complaint of a  sore throat or discomfort swallowing.

SKIN: Presence of a rash, impetigo, draining poison oak, cold sore or fever blister.

VOMITING: Recurring upset stomach or vomiting accompanied by a fever.

DIARRHEA: Recurring loose stools  when not food related or when associated with other illness.

LICE: Intense scratching of scalp.  Mites or eggs(nits) in hair.

SCABIES: Raised red spots or lines on skin caused by a microscopic mite. Intense itching.



Your child may return to school if his/her condition is as follows:



COLDS: Has a runny nose which is at least 3 days old. They may return after 2 days at home.

COUGH: When the child has been seen by a doctor or if the cough is dry.

EYES: When child has been seen by a doctor and has had medication for 24 hours

THROAT: No signs on inflammation

SKIN: Absence of symptoms. For all hand, foot and mouth diagnoses, we require an incubation period of 7 days before your child may return to school, regardless of what your pediatrician says. This allows plenty of time for the rash to disappear and the blisters to dry up.

VOMITING: No more vomiting for 24 HOURS

DIARRHEA: Recovery of normal bowel movements

LICE: Removal of ALL eggs

SCABIES: Treatment and a note from a doctor certifying lack of contagion