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Preschool Fees

Secret Garden Too
3205 Salisbury Drive
Santa Cruz CA 95065
FULL DAY: A full day contract allows for your child to attend any pre-scheduled and pre-arranged ten hour day between 7:30am -5:30pm. Lunch and snacks are included. Tuition is based on a monthly basis.

Please review our competitive rates for our toddler and preschool program as well as the infant program. We offer a variety of rates including full day, morning only, afternoon only, with or without lunch, as well as pre-approved drop-in rates.

Preschool Rates (Effective May 1, 2017)

5 Full Days: $1395.00

4 Full Days: $1170.00

3 Full Days: $915.00

2 Full Days: $650.00

Morning Preschool Program: This is a half-day program. It allows your child to attend school from 8:00 am – 12:00 noon. You may choose to add lunch and an extra hour. 1:00 is pick up time.

5 Mornings: $790.00                                   5 Mornings with lunch: $1100.00

4 Mornings: $710.00                                   4 Mornings with lunch: $915.00

3 Mornings: $550.00                                   3 Mornings with lunch: $780.00

2 Mornings: $390.00                                   2 Mornings with lunch: $ 495.00

Afternoon Preschool Program: The afternoon preschool is available. It includes 6 hours beginning 12:00 until 5:30pm.

5 Afternoons: $995.00

4 Afternoons: $925.00

3 Afternoons: $660.00

2 Afternoons: $485.00

Drop-in Fees                                                                      

1 Full day (over 6 hours) $70.00

1 Morning (without lunch) $55.00

1 Morning (with lunch) $60.00

1 Afternoon (without lunch) 55.00

1 Afternoon (with lunch) $60.00

There is a $100.00 fee charged to any check received due to insufficient funds.

There is a $25.00 late fee charged on tuition that is not paid in advance by the 10th of each month.

$10 per ten minutes will be charged if your child is picked up after the designated closing time of 5:30.

There is a non-refundable fee of $100.00 for registration of your child.