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The Secret Garden Too offers many schedules for your convenience. The openings that we have are created by the children who move along as they get older. We have a few natural times of the year that openings are created. May and August. In the month of May we have children moving along because the are ready to head off to Kindergarten and then again in August because some of those children may have needed care through the summer prior to them starting school. We do have changes that occur during the year with families moving out of the area but those are far and few between.

To be placed on our waiting list you only need to call and schedule a visit. (831) 479-7790. We are happy to take you on a full tour of our facility and introduce you to our team. After you have your tour you fill out a wait list card. We then call you when we have an opening that fits your needs. Sometimes there’s a schedule that meets your needs right away. After we’ve determined your needs and there is a place for your child, all that’s left to do is fill out the state required paperwork, our admission agreement and $100.00 registration fee.

That’s it!