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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I put my child on the Waiting List?
It is never too early to get on our waiting list!  In our experience the children who are on the Waiting List as infants have the best likelihood of attending.

How do I get my child on the Waiting List?
Simply call the school you are interested in having your child attend and schedule a visit.  During your visit you will tour the facility, meet our staff and fill out a Wait List Form.

Will someone contact me right away after I visit?
You will be contacted when an opening occurs.

How does the Waiting List work?
The Waiting List is organized by birth dates and order of the date the Wait List Form is filled out.  When an opening occurs we evaluate our classes and decide from what age group a child would be appropriate to add.  Cathy then contacts parents in that age group, in order of the date of the visit on the Wait List Form.

Does anyone have priority on the Waiting List?
Siblings always have priority.

My child is four years old.  Should I even bother to get on the Waiting List?
YES!!!  We try very hard to offer four year olds spaces because we believe it is so important that they have preschool to prepare for Kindergarten.  We have an excellent Junior Kindergarten program at both of our locations.

How are openings created and when do they occur?
Openings are generally created by children leaving to go to Kindergarten, so they mostly occur during the summer.  During the school year openings sometimes happen when a family moves or their needs change.