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The infant program was designed with the intention of providing an environment, where from the moment of entry a parent could see and feel a loving, sensitive, and experienced staff. Our teachers are intuitive of the individual needs of our infants as well as those of their new parents. Our goal is to provide a safe, clean and loving environment where a parent feels secure and confident leaving their child in our care. Our team understands the challenges and concerns of being a first time parent, and work to reassure and support them through these early stages. We have adopted an open door policy at the Secret Garden Too, mom’s wishing to breast feed in our cozy rocking chairs, or dad’s hoping to grab a quick snuggle on a lunch break are always welcome.>>more


Space…space…space. Toddler’s need room to move and explore. The Secret Garden Toddler room is spacious, colorful, and inviting, filled with music, art, books, toys, and a soft place to cuddle. Our teachers provide them with their first experience with a classroom routine. Through activities such as circle time, snack, art, lunchtime and outside explorations, It is in the toddler program that children learn the experience of socializing with their fellow toddlers. Parents are often surprised when they discover their child has napped soundly amongst several other children. The philosophy of the Secret Garden Too begins here….>>more


The Secret Garden Too preschool is proud to offer a 5-1 ratio. We feel that children need time to explore and experience all the wonders life has to offer, and through a high teacher/child ratio, we are able to provide this type of atmosphere. Through a literature based curriculum we nurture the child’s development with emphasis on communication and celebration of life by exploring the wonders of our world and it’s cultures and traditions. Our daily emphasis is on the child’s developmental stages and encouragement of age appropriate activities. Our goal is to provide a safe and stimulating atmosphere while meeting the individual needs of the child. >>more